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5 Seriously Awesome Reasons to Take First Look Wedding Photos


In a world where everything is constantly changing and evolving, including the wedding industry, how do you decide where to draw the line between tradition and modern trends?

I believe tradition can have its place in our modern weddings, while still leaving room for fun, modern tweaks to the classics. One of my favorite spins on tradition this year? The first look! By far, these are my favorite photos to see from a couple’s wedding day and almost always give me butterflies.

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Here are 5 reasons to consider having a first look:

Let this be an intimate, romantic moment between JUST the two of you (and your photographer, of course). I can’t express how romantic, fun, and sweet I find first looks between the couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with. The nerves they were feeling just before the other turns around quickly wash away as new emotions flood over them—excitement, surprise, elation, and then the happy tears from the realization that this is your person you get to call your spouse for the rest of your life. This is a lot to process! Take 15 minutes during your first look to really take all this in and make the most of it. If you wait to see each other until you’re standing in front of the arbor/fireplace/wherever you decide to have your ceremony, you’ll have 30+ eyes watching you as your justice of the peace jumps right into the ceremony. This way is still special, of course, but it all goes by so quickly that you hardly have time to appreciate one another before you begin your vows.

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Allows you to relax and takes some of the pressure away. I’ve seen so many individuals who are so nervous to see all of their friends, family, and especially their spouse-to-be for the first time just before they walk down the aisle. They’ve also spent the day in hiding to avoid seeing anyone before the ceremony. Then I’ve seen couples who have had their first look and who are so genuinely excited to take those steps down the aisle and join hands with their soon-to-be husband/wife. They’re still nervous, but these nerves feel more excited after the first look.

Spend more time with your spouse-to-be. You’ve heard it once and you’ll hear it again—your wedding day will fly by. Why not take this opportunity to see your soon-to-be husband or wife early in the afternoon, and have the rest of the day to spend together with your loved ones? Don’t waste half your wedding day hiding from your partner. Embrace the whole day together.

You can take more photos before the ceremony, which frees up time for you to party with your friends and family later. By having already seen each other during the first look, you can now spend some time before the ceremony to take many of your family and bridal party photos. Why take photos before the ceremony? So you and your spouse can actually be present and enjoy your social hour and reception, with plenty of time to mingle with your family and friends.

You will still feel all the emotions while walking down the aisle and seeing your partner walk down the aisle. Worried a first look will ruin the emotions you’ve heard about during the procession of your ceremony? Fear not; you’ll find yourself getting choked up all over again as you take that walk down the aisle and realize it’s finally time to say “I do” to the love of your life.

This post was written by Melissa Kowalinski, event planner at the Christmas Farm Inn & Spa in Jackson, New Hampshire, and originally appeared at christmasfarminn.com/jackson-nh-hotels-blog.

Photo credits: Falling Leaf Images & Productions