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48 Charmingly Historic, Must-See Barn Wedding Venues from Across the United States


Barns don’t just make amazing wedding venues (though they are really, *really* amazing wedding venues) — but they often have a pretty neat history of their own. That’s why we’ve rounded up this list of historic barn wedding venues from across the United States for you to explore. Just to warn you, though: You’re going to be falling in love pretty hard.

#1. 1888 Wedding Barn — Bethel, Maine

Photo via 1888 Wedding Barn

Explore the history of the 1888 Wedding Barn’s hometown of Bethel, Maine, and you’ll find this venue right at the center of it—the property’s first owner was the son of one the town’s original settlers, circa 1783. The barn was rebuilt after being destroyed in a fire in 1888; today, it’s a rustic and sophisticated event space with space for up to 180 guests. The ceremony options are as equally impressive: you can say your vows at a nearby historic covered bridge, or head behind the barn to the quiet and serene White Pine Cathedral Forest.

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#2. Allenbrooke Farms — Spring Hill, Tennessee

barn wedding venue in tennessee
Photo via Allenbrooke Farms

The 5,800-square-foot barn at Allenbrooke Farms may be on the newer side (it was built in 2016), but it sits on land full of history: Stephanie and Daniel Allen are the third generation of family members to work the farm, left to them to by Dan’s grandfather. (Fun fact: To launch their farming business, the couple sold their car to get the money they needed to buy seeds). Head into the barn, and you’ll see it’s full of vintage charm throughout; just some of these special touches include hand-planed floors made by a local, third-generation family mill; custom poplar walls and cedar tables built from local lumber; and even a chef’s table originally constructed by Stephanie’s great-great grandfather. And honestly, that’s just the start.

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#3. The Barn at the Ackerhurst Dairy Farm — Bennington, Nebraska

Photo via The Barn at the Ackerhurst Dairy Farm

The story of The Barn at the Ackerhurst Dairy Farm is East Coast meets Midwest. In 1935, a Boston businessman and dairy farm hired architect and builder Adolph Otte to construct the barn; upon completion, it was described as the largest barn in Nebraska, while an article in the Omaha World Herald newspaper described it as “one of the finest dairy farms in the Midwest.” Today, the venue’s Milking Parlor, where milking stanchions once stood, can accommodate 250 guests at tables with a dance floor. The Haymow Room and Loft, where hay once was stored for the Holsteins, offers another event space and feature much of their original woodwork. The Haymow Room can accommodate up to 350 guests. 

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#4. The Barn at Back Acres Farm — Walworth, Wisconsin

Photo via The Barn at Back Acres Farm 

Built in 1890, the original barn, a Dutch hay barn, was destroyed in a fire in 1936. A new barn—the same structure you see today—was rebuilt in a community barn raising following the same style and footprint as the first barn, using the original stone foundation for its base. Listed on the Walworth County Historical Barns Registry, the Barn at Back Acres Farm has been owned by the same family for four generations. It began its new life as a wedding venue in 2011, when its current owners began extensive renovations to host their own daughter’s wedding in the space. Not only did they get an *amazing* wedding venue out of the effort, but made some really fun finds along the way, such as the wagon wheels that now serve as chandelier lighting.

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#5. The Barn at Bern Farm — Reading, Pennsylvania

Barn Wedding Reception
Photo via The Barn at Bern Farm

The origins of The Barn at Bern Farm could not be more appropriate given its current life as a wedding venue: In 1755, the farm was given to newlyweds Anna Barbara and Johannas Epler as a wedding gift from the bride’s brother. Originally built as a bank barn to store hay, grain, and carriages, the barn went through a number of hands and purposes—including housing show ponies—before being purchased in 2014 and converted into a wedding venue. Stroll the property and you’ll find gardens, meadows, open-air hayfields, and even a pond and waterfall.

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#6. The Barn at Blueberry Hill — Elkin, North Carolina

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via The Barn at Blueberry Hill

Some farms get smaller as the years go by, with family members deciding to sell their land. That’s not the case with The Barn at Blueberry Hill—in fact, it got bigger. The prairie-style barn’s original property included 125 acres; today, that has grown to 225 acres. The barn was built in 1949 by the current owner’s grandfather and uncles to serve as a dairy, and originally included spaces for hay storage, milking and feeding cattle, and a blacksmith shop. It was converted into a wedding venue in 2014, with authentic, salvaged materials playing a big part in the renovation—the project included as much original lumber and metal as possible, as well as salvaged barnwood and other materials from area farmers that were tearing their own barns down.

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#7. The Barn at Boyden Farm — Cambridge, Vermont

Photo via The Barn at Boyden Farm 

Hit the dance floor or grab at a cocktail at the bar at The Barn at Boyden Farm and guess what? You’ll find yourself smack dab in the middle of the oldest part of the barn, which was built in the early 1700s. The Boyden family acquired the property in 1914 and added onto the barn with the farm’s growth in dairy herd, hay, and other crop field expansion. Today, the fifth-generation of Boydens live and work on the land; new ventures in addition to the wedding business have included concerts, community events, and even grape-growing and winemaking.

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#8. The Barn at Cedar Grove — Greensburg, Kentucky

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via The Barn at Cedar Grove

The best clue as to The Barn at Cedar Grove’s year of construction is a carving found on a barn stall: a set of initials and the inscription “1911.” While it may not be certain exactly when it was constructed, we do know more about why: With tobacco the number one cash crop in the area for many decades, the barn was primarily used to hang and dry tobacco as part of the curing process. An essential feature of a tobacco barn’s construction was good air movement to facilitate the drying of the tobacco; today, this easy air flow is a huge benefit for wedding ceremonies and receptions, especially for a venue that can accommodate up to 230 guests. No overheated brides here!

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#9. The Barn at Stratford — Delaware, Ohio

Photo via The Barn at Stratford

Owned and operated by the nonprofit Delaware County Historical Society, the property featuring The Barn at Stratford is one of the oldest and most complete pioneer homesteads in Delaware County. This beauty sits on six acres and, in addition, to the 1848 barn, also is home to the 1820s Meeker House, which currently serves as a museum. We’re. In. Love. 

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#10. Barn at the Hamptons — Ellington, Missouri

Photo via Barn at the Hamptons

A family farm is the perfect spot for family weddings—and that’s exactly how The Barn at the Hamptons became an event venue (you lucky Missouri brides!). Its story begins in 1948, when Ottis and Irene Hampton moved to the property; needing a place for hay storage and to work cattle, Ottis and his oldest son, Leon, built the barn across the road from their home. Thirty years later, it became home to Ottis and Irene’s son and his family, the venue’s current owners. After their son and daughter were married at the barn in 2011 and 2012, respectively, The Barn at the Hamptons wedding venue was born. 

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#11. Bloom Lake Barn — Shafer, Minnesota

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Bloom Lake Barn

Dig into an old barn’s history and many times you’ll find a story of reconstructing and rebuilding after a natural disaster, such as a fire—and in the case of the former dairy farm Bloom Lake Barn, a tornado, in the 1920s. In 2014, the property was purchased by its current owners, Adam and Monique Wallis, who dreamed of converting a barn into an events venue and explored more than 40 properties before discovering this stunner. In 2015, the barn underwent another rebirth, hosting its first wedding in September 2015—and looking like it was always meant to be.

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#12. Bluestem Farm & Events — Hebron, Illinois

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Bluestem Farm & Events

One the of first farms established in the area, Bluestem Farm & Events was first owned by one of the original pioneers of McHenry County—William A. McConnell, in the early 1800s. The farm was surrounded by Hebron Prairie before it was turned into tillable land and farmed by its next owners, who purchased the property in 1863. The property features two barns: one built in the mid-1800s, as well as the Gambrel-style De Graslanden Barn (“the grasslands” in Dutch), constructed in the early 1900s. Today, it’s a two-level, classic and elegant event space surrounded by three acres of lawns for you and your guests to enjoy.

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#13. Bridle Barn and Gardens — Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

Photo via Bridle Barn and Gardens

Nestled in a valley just south of Mount Horeb, near Madison, the 1870s-era Bridle Barn and Gardens is a perfect blend of historic preservation and elegance. An original legacy barn, it is adorned with massive chandeliers, coach lights, and huge deck. The barn rests upon acres of manicured lawn and gardens brimming with thousands of blooms. Photo opportunities abound throughout the gardens, barn, horse carriage and wooded hills. A French country farmhouse provides the perfect spot for getting-ready preparations on the big day.

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#14. Burdoc Farms — Crofton, Kentucky

Photo via Burdoc Farms

At its start, the barn at Burdoc Farms served double duty: it was a spot for its owners to hang tobacco in the fall and work cattle in the spring; fittingly, it was given the name Dual Purpose Barn. And here’s another neat bit of history: the barn was built by the Woods brothers in 1952 using blueprints provided to the farmers through the agriculture department at the University of Kentucky; the duo later was tapped to build a pole barn structure at the 1962 World Fair in Seattle, as a testament to American engineering. In 2013, the barn was converted into a space for weddings and events and remains completely original, with the exception of additions of only bathrooms, kitchen, and bar area.

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#15. Canyon Run Ranch — Pleasant Hill, Ohio

Barn Wedding Reception
Photo via Canyon Run Ranch

The Canyon Run Ranch, built before 1850, has always been a hotspot for gatherings—it once hosted the community hay threshing machine, in the days when it was not affordable for farms to own individual machines. Outside, running through the property is a lane that the pioneers used to transport livestock to the auction barn across the river; the road grader that was used is still found on the property. Further adding to the charm are the 40+ acres of Ohio wildflowers; 82 acres of wooded hillsides; and a series of small, natural waterfalls in the Canyon Run Creek. 

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#16. The Cottage Farmhouse — Glencoe, Minnesota

Photo via The Cottage Farmhouse

Situated on over 15 acres, the centerpiece of  The Cottage Farmhouse venue is a mint-condition dairy barn from the 1900s, perfect for ceremonies, receptions, and dancing. But that’s not all you get here—there’s also a *second* reception barn, wedding pasture, bridal cottage, pergola, a granary that’s ideal for grooms to have fun and get ready for the big day, a corn crib perfect for first look photos, and a silo that is a must-have backdrop for your wedding photos. Be sure not to miss the small orchard of naturally grown fruit and nut trees, planted in 2007. 

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#17. Court Street Livery — Washington, Georgia

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Court Street Livery

The history of the post-and-beam Court Street Livery is one that you don’t come across too often: at its start, it was a convenient place for guests of the local Fitzpatrick Hotel to board their horse during their stay—and a very busy one, as the barn’s hometown of Washington was a hub of agricultural, financial, and political throughout the 19th century. Originally an open-air structure, it was enclosed over the years and served many functions since it was built, including a blacksmith shop, part of an automobile business, and a car repair shop, before becoming an events venue in 2003.

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#18. Cross Keys Barn — Harrisonburg, Virginia

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Cross Keys Barn 

The Cross Keys Barn is a survivor—it is at least 105 years old, and is believed to have been built from remnants or pieces of other area barns that were destroyed during the Civil War. The main part of the barn, where dinner and dancing take place, is supported by 22 hand-cut beams that are 35 feet long. You can see these same beams exposed in the stone room area—where the original feed bunk was located—which is now a space for cocktails. Another eye-catcher you’ll want to see here are the original, grey limestone walls. 

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#19. Crown Rose Estate — Knoxville, Maryland

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Crown Rose Estate

The exact date of construction of the bank barn at Crown Rose Estate is unknown; however, the foundation dates to the 1800s. Overlooking an on-site pond, the barn was once home to the farm’s animals and underwent a major restoration to bring it back to life in 2015. Take some time to explore the property’s 76 acres of farmland and you’ll also find an historic, circa 1856 mansion, as well as meadows, an English rose garden, and mountain views.

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#20. Cunningham Farm: Barns & Estate Venue — New Gloucester, Maine

Photo via Cunningham Farm: Barns & Estate Venue

Barn wedding lovers, you’re in for a treat at Cunningham Farm: Barn & Estates Venue: This quintessential New England farm has THREE beautiful barns on site. The first, a circa 1820 dairy barn, is the venue’s original barn and was already on site when the farm was established by its original owners in 1877. As the farm grew and space was in demand, the family also built the Hay Barn and Carriage Barn, both circa 1895. In addition to animals and haying the fields, the farm—formerly known as Intervale Farm, the namesake of the road it’s located on—later incorporated a tree farm and fire pond onto the property as well. To this day, one of the carriages from the Carriage Barn is housed among the town’s historical society memorabilia.

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#21. The Farm at Bentley Fields — Newport, Tennessee

Photo via The Farm at Bentley Fields

The Farm at Bentley Fields is a perfect wedding something new, something old—the new barn, opened in March 2018, sits on a historic property (a 100-acre working cattle farm), and incorporates thoughtful salvaged materials; one favorite is the custom catering bar, which repurposes boards that were taken from barns that had fallen into disrepair on the property. An older barn is still in use for storing equipment and hay in service of the farming operations. And here’s one more interesting discovery: a family cemetery, dedicated in 1820 to the Inmans, who once owned the property, can be found on site.

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#22. The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill — Englewood, Tennessee

Photo via The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill

The pre-1900 farmhouse The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill was the first building to be constructed on the property; the barn joined the home in roughly 1929. Accurate records of the property were tough for the current owners to come by when they purchased it into 2016, but one’s thing for sure: the barn was failing. An extensive renovation maintained the original flagstone foundation and used as much reclaimed barn wood as possible to retain overall authenticity. A covered garden wedding space with ceremony atrium was added to the barn; the newest additions are 200 rose bushes planted on both sides of the procession aisle in the garden. 

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#23. Fox Hill Farm — Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Barn Wedding Reception
Photo via Fox Hill Farm

George Brown, who owns Fox Hill Farm with his wife, Katharine, was born to be in the farm business, literally—he was born in the late nineteenth-century farmhouse on the property. George’s father purchased the farm around 1975; the couple purchased it from him in 2003. The farm’s 1880s-era bank barn transitioned into a wedding venue in 2013, and features original barn beams and flooring. Now just imagine celebrating your big day with a backdrop like THAT.

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#24. Galas Your Style at Greystone Farm — Kintnersville, Pennsylvania

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Galas Your Style at Greystone Farm

Start your wedding day preparations at Galas Your Style at Greystone Farm in the fieldstone log farmhouse, which dates to 1743 and was originally deeded to nephews of William Penn. The centerpiece of the 25-acre property is the 182o bank barn, with two levels that can accommodate up to 60 guests; a second pole barn, built in the 1970s, is available for up to 200 guests for dinner and dancing. In addition to welcoming wedding couples, the farm also is a horse boarding facility for rescue, senior and rehabilitating horses. 

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#25. Guernsey Barn at Lakeside Occasions — Topeka, Indiana

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Guernsey Barn at Lakeside Occasions

A restored dairy barn, the Guernsey Barn at Lakeside Occasions was built in the late 1880s and still contains much of the original woodwork. Owned by the same family for five generations, the barn’s last milking took place in 1988; it was renovated and transformed into a wedding venue in 2013. The former milk house has been converted into a prep kitchen, while what was once the hayloft now offers additional guest seating overlooking the main floor of the barn. Behind the barn, an enclosed deck offers panoramic views of Emma Lake.

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#26. Hardy Farm c.1750 — Fryeburg, Maine

Photo via Hardy Farm c.1750 

If you’re looking for historic, it’s hard to beat Hardy Farm c.1750—the property was part of a land grant to the Hardy family by the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony of England, meaning it pre-dates the state of Maine, as well as the United States Revolution, by 26 years. The barn was originally constructed in 1835, 85 years after the original house in 1750. While extremely unique because of its whitewashed interior, its construction otherwise was not uncommon to northern New England, as it was attached to the residence to permit easy access during winter months. Originally a multi-purpose building that also housed draft houses, today it’s a swoon-worthy venue that’s garnered *tons* of honors and recognition. 

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#27. Harmony Hill Farm — Warren, Maine

Photo via Harmony Hill Farm

When the original barn at Harmony Hill Farm was accidentally burned down in 1967, the local community quickly came together for a barn raising to help the family who owned the property—the grandparents of the current owner. There was one important stipulation for the project: Unlike the original barn, the new one could not be connected to the main house, a criteria that arose after the main house very nearly caught fire during the incident itself. The new barn became temporary housing for the dairy cows (until a permanent space could be built) and later storage for hay; it’s been hosting weddings since 2016.

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#28. Harwood Hills Farm — Harwood, Maryland

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Harwood Hills Farm

Originally part of a 2,000 acre land grant by Lord Baltimore in 1668, who founded the colony of Maryland, Harwood Hills Farm was purchased by the great-grandfather of its current owner in 1935 and was used to raise tobacco until 18 years ago (a purpose it served since before the American Revolution!). It became a favorite spot for Christmas trees with the introduction of Christmas tree seedlings on the property in the 1980s, before its renovation as a wedding venue, hosting its first event in spring 2014. The farm has not one, not two, but three barns on the property: the first, originally a stable, was built in the 19th century and later used as a corn crib and tobacco barn; it now contains a bride’s room and bar. The other two barns are tobacco barns, one of which is open for use at weddings. Love.

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#29. HollyHedge Estate — New Hope, Pennsylvania

Photo via HollyHedge Estate

A Pennsylvania barn built with authentic Bucks County fieldstone? Now that sounds like our kind of place. The bank barn at HollyHedge Estate was built in 1784 for agricultural use; it was renovated in the 1920s by the then-editor of The Trenton Times as a space for entertaining and parties to accompany a formal English garden as part of a weekend estate. In the 1960s, it was reinvented as a space for a performing arts summer school, and in the 1970s it served as a classroom at a school for children with learning disabilities. It sat idle in the 1980s and 1990s, until it was renovated as a wedding ceremony and reception space by its current owners.

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#30. Jewell House — Jewell, Georgia

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via The Jewell House

There’s *so* amazing things to mention about The Jewell House, it’s hard to capture them all. But we’ll try. First, there’s the waterviews: The Ogeechee River borders the 42-acre property entirely on its eastern side. And then there’s the history: a historic main house, general house, schoolhouse, and two churches have all found their home on the property or its adjoining parcels. And, of course, there’s the barn itself: a magnificent space built in 2016 with traditional designs and featuring soaring ceilings, 10-foot high barn door openings, and a rugged architectural style. An accent wall made of tin from an 1800s mercantile store is just one of the thoughtful details you’ll find inside.

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#31. The Lakeside Barn at Duck Puddle Campground — Nobleboro, Maine

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via The Lakeside Barn at Duck Puddle Campground / Photo credit: Jamie Mercurio Photography

The exact date of the construction of The Lakeside Barn at Duck Puddle Campground is unknown (though it does date to sometime in the 1800s), but here’s what we can say for certain: It couldn’t possibly get more lovely. At one time, the barn was situated at the entrance to the campground, on Duck Puddle Road. In 2007, it was moved to its current location, overlooking the field. Prior to serving as a wedding and event venue, the barn was formerly a recreation center, housing arcade games, pool table, paddle ball games and many dances for the campers at Duck Puddle campground.

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#32. Little C Ranch — Shawnee, Oklahoma

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Little C Ranch

Little C Ranch started its life out as a homestead—in 1902, to be exact, and farmed by the great-great grandparents of its current owners. The property includes a prairie barn built in the 1920s (ask the owner to check out the picture of great-grandpa pitching hay onto the wagon and unloading), as well as a pole barn used as today’s wedding reception space. Its transformation into a wedding venue began in 2013 when the owners’ son hosted his own wedding on the property; the addition of dressing spaces, electricity and other improvements in 2014 helped make the journey complete.

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#33. Meredith Manor — Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Photo via Meredith Manor

Before it was home to brides, the barn at Meredith Manor was home to farm animals: horses, cows, and pigs. The upper level of the barn, a fieldstone bank barn circa 1790, served as the hayloft. The barn structure was a very early addition to the 10-acre property and pre-dates even the venue’s farmhouse, which was built in 1844. Take a walk around the property and a large pond with lighted fountain, gazebos, and a double waterfall flowing into a koi pond are just some of the beautiful natural elements you’ll find.

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#34. MOYO — Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

Rustic Wedding Reception
Photo via MOYO

The name MOYO means “heart and soul,” and boy, does this venue deliver. The late 19th-century bank barn—which was once used as a set for Dick Clark’s American Bandstand in the early 1960s—is today a wedding venue, yoga retreat, and wellness center. For events, MOYO offers 4,000 square feet of dining and dancing space, a built-in bar, balcony, and vintage-style lighting, and can accommodate more than 150 guests. And, it’s pretty awesome for wedding couples, too—host your wedding here and you can take advantage of customized yoga, massage, and wellness offerings. Ahhh.

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#35. The Old Fifty-Six — Grundy Center, Iowa

Barn Wedding Reception
Photo via The Old Fifty-Six

Built in 1907, The Old Fifty-Six got its name from a brass ear tag that was found while cleaning up the barn in preparation for it to become a wedding venue— a named it was officially christened with in 2016. But before it began charming the socks off engaged couples, the post-and-beam barn was once one of the original dairy barns in the Grundy Center area, serving as the Worthwhile Frost dairy farm. This barn is among the list of historic barns of Iowa and is part of the Iowa Barn Foundation. 

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#36. Owls Hoot Barn — West Coxsackie, New York

Photo via Owls Hoot Barn

Owls Hoot Barn, which dates to the 1700s, has come a looooong way from when its current owner first spotted it peaking through overgrowth and vines in 2011. An extensive renovation of all of the buildings on the 110-acre property—which includes the main house, a summer kitchen, and *four* barns—set the stage for the venue’s first weddings, which took place in 2014. We say: Job well done.

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#37. The Plantation Barn of 1810 — Morristown, Tennessee

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via The Plantation Barn of 1810

A barn has to be pretty amazing to remain standing for more than 200 years, and The Plantation Barn of 1810 certainly fits the bill. Built in—you guessed it—1810, the bank-style barn was constructed by a young preacher; he and his young family lived there until he could build a suitable cabin for their living quarters. Hand-hewn logs and peg-and-dove tail beams all add to the character. If the walls could talk, these rustic beams would share the details of the many herds of livestock, countless bales of hay, the battles during the Civil War that were fought down Valley Home Road, the manufacturing of Carver wagons, and loads of tobacco … and of course now, amazing weddings and events. 

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#38. The Pleasant Valley Farm — Lucas, Ohio

Barn Wedding Reception
Photo via The Pleasant Valley Farm / Photo credit: Nine Zero Three Photography

Located in the heart of Ohio farm country, The Pleasant Valley Farm is a working farm that’s got a well-deserved claim to fame: It’s home to a show-stopping, 144-year-old barn wedding venue (Just check out the massive timbers and joinery to see the meticulous craftsmanship of the era). Situated on 160 acres, the farm was purchased by the Grogg family in 1994, who used the barn to store cars and boats before transforming it into a wedding venue in 2014. 

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#39. The Pour Vineyard — Red Bud, Illinois

Photo via The Pour Vineyard

See how gorgeous this picture of The Pour Vineyard is? Now just imagine what it looks like in person. Stunning, right? Luckily for Illinois brides, they can go get a firsthand look at this Western-style barn, built in 1894 and converted into a wedding venue in 2016. The property’s nearly 100 acres have been passed down for six generations; three generations work there today (with many of them still living there as well). While you’re there, be sure to get a cup of water or lemonade from Grandma, who still works all of the weddings—and who may even share a story or two about playing in the barn as a child.

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#40. Red River Gorge Wedding Barn and Event Venue — Rogers, Kentucky

Photo via Red River Gorge Wedding Barn and Event Venue / Photo credit: Lapis Lazuli Creative Art Photography

Reasons to get married at Red River Gorge Wedding Barn and Event Venue? Well, there’s the property itself: a 45-acre Appalachian rose farm. And then there’s the two separate wedding barns, one for wedding ceremonies and a second for receptions. And with all of that beauty, you also get some charming history: both barns, one a former burley tobacco barn and other previously used for plow horse stalls and feed storage, are more than 100 years old. Pictured above is the reception barn.

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#41. Salem Cross Inn — West Brookfield, Massachusetts

Photo via Salem Cross Inn

If barn weddings are considered trendy, then the Salem Cross Inn is an early adopter—this venue has been hosting such events since the late 1970s. (In fact, some of their more recent weddings are celebrations for the children of these barn wedding trendsetters!) The restaurant sits on a 600-acre farm that dates to the early 1700s and passed through many generations of the same family before its 1961 purchase by Henry Salem, who decided to head up a family project to restore the house and barn to its original glory. And my oh my, did they succeed.

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#42. Starlight Meadow — Burlington, North Carolina

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Starlight Meadow

This Gambrel-style beauty got its start in the 1950s by local couple Doris and Fide Greeson, who built the barn after inheriting the property from their parents. Starlight Meadow was purchased by current owners Jeremy and Sarah Oehling in 2010, who were pursuing a dream to create a venue for hosting family and special events. Not only does the couple live there, but they hosted their own wedding reception there as well. The property also features four different ceremony locations―a gazebo, woods, field, and the barn―making it a rustic wedding lover’s dream.

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#43. Stickney Farms — East Granville, Vermont

Barn Wedding Reception
Photo via Stickney Farms

Could there possibly be a better destiny for a barn that was once a dance hall to become a wedding venue? Quite frankly, it’s hard to imagine one—and perhaps the transformation of Stickney Farms into an event space is indeed a case of kismet. Currently owned by the fifth generation of the same family, the property features 850 (!) acres of land for hiking, biking, swimming, and exploring. While you’re there, be sure to check out the original dance hall signs—ladies, back then, your admission was only five cents!

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#44. Sweet Meadow Farms & HomePlace — Tallapoosa, Georgia

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Sweet Meadow Farms & HomePlace

This Georgia-born-and-raised, post-and-beam beauty was built in 1894 as a shelter for horses, cows, chickens, and goats—along with perhaps some other types of creatures, as the original owner was said to have a penchant for collecting exotic animals. What was formerly the hayloft has been transformed into a ceremony site; the original, still-hanging hayhooks now provide the structure for overhead lighting. The dirt floors remained until 2012, when the barn began its renovation as a wedding venue—but with parts of the barn remaining open to nature year round, you’ll still be able to enjoy lots of natural beauty even while inside. 

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#45. Sylvan Cellars — Rome City, Indiana

Photo via Sylvan Cellars

A year before Rachel and Nathan Schermerhorn began renovating the newly purchased Sylvan Cellars in 2012, the barn was listed as one of the top 10 most endangered historical landmarks in Indiana. But it’s a good thing these two got their hands on it, because, boy, what a transformation it’s been. The barn, which is more than 100 years old, today features 30-foot high gabled ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and the original salvaged stained wood floors. And here’s a fun bonus: Downstairs, you’ll find a craft beer tasting room. Love.

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#46. Tyrone Farm — Pomfret Center, Connecticut

Barn Wedding Venue
Photo via Tyrone Farm / Photo credit: Daphne and Dean Photography

Established in 1742, the beautiful Tyrone Farm blends a bit of the old world with the new—its name can be traced to Ireland’s County Tyrone, in Northern Ireland. Once owned by George Bradley, a major investor in Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, the farm’s main house dates to 1810; extensive renovations were made in the 1920s when its hometown, Pomfret, became known as “the other Newport” due to its prominence as a fashionable gathering place. Most receptions at the venue take place in the circa 1890 bank barn, which sits across the house on the original main road. 

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#47. Vennebu Hill — Baraboo, Wisconsin

Barn Wedding Reception
Photo via Vennebu Hill

Originally built in 1918, the barn at Vennebu Hill was purchased by the early 1950s by Paal Myklebust and Ragnhild Helland, who raised both their family and Black Angus cattle on the property. (In fact, the cattle’s sneaky escape habits sometimes led to the following announcement on the intercom at the local high school: “The Myklebust boys are needed at home. Steer is loose.”) The barn’s restoration as an event venue was completed in 2018; the outdoor ceremony patio stands where there was once a feedlot, while the feedlot’s former prep area is now a reception dining space. Woven throughout the property is a strong connection to Norwegian culture, beginning with the venue’s name Vennebu, which means “gathering place of friends and family.” Beautiful.

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#48. Villa Buonincontro — Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Wedding reception at Wisconsin barn wedding venue Villa Buonincontro
Photo via Villa Buonincontro

According to the wedding pros at Villa Buonincontroa Gambrel-style barn built in the late 1800s, most barns of that style built found in the Midwest were sold in standard-sized kits by Sears, Roebuck, and Company, as well as Woolworths—and delivered to their new home by train. But luckily for today’s rustic brides who want plenty of room for a reception and dancing, Villa Buonincontro’s barn likely was built with *two* kits, making it one of the largest barns around and still in good repair. Now, it’s time to party.

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